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Dear Friends,

Dave Huizenga and Don Swanger here with some exciting new opportunities from The Empowerment Institute and OneRockStrategix.

What would you say if we told you that you could begin to significantly increase your personal impact for the Kingdom of God right where you are, right now?

The Empowerment Institute is ready to help you see that happen!

But first...


We all know that our churches and our nation are facing major challenges, perhaps unlike any before in our history.  We hear a lot of talk about the Christian heritage of the US, but certain current facts demand our attention and action.

According to the most recently available Barna research, less than 20% of the Christians who consider themselves “born again”, evangelical, or conservative reformed hold beliefs that would constitute a biblical worldview.

Less than nine percent of the overall US population holds to even basic tenets of a biblical worldview, and of the general population between the ages of 18-23, that figure drops to less than one half of one percent.  1 in 200.

So in the absence of a clearly biblical perspective, how are the vast majority of people, even Christians, forming their views and reaching decisions?  What grid are they using to determine what’s true, or right or moral?

Recent Supreme Court cases are being widely cited as crucial cultural turning points for our nation and its global influence, but the reality is that the cultural battle was lost long before it ever reached the Supreme Court.  The battleground was not in congress, or congregations, or the chambers of the Supreme Court.  The real battleground was in education, psychology, social media, news outlets, business influence, and entertainment content.  These were the spheres of influence by which the cultural heart and mind was being shaped.  The Supreme Court decision merely followed suit.

The indisputable fact is that the past fifty years…one generation…has seen a massive shift in technology, information, cultural values and spiritual atmosphere.   A seismic shift!

There is a collision of worlds occurring in the US, which has repercussions globally.  It is a collision of radically different agendas, visions for the future and values for the present.  Just like the forces that build when continents collide, there is tectonic pressure growing. And when it is released…

Most of you are familiar with Empowerment Institute and our work resourcing prayer summits and providing guides for developing local prayer ministries.

The original vision of the Empowerment Institute was twofold: to be a resource and to be a catalyst.  The purpose was to help ignite a movement that would raise up communities of prayer, saturated in the Presence of God, welcoming the guidance, gifts, ministry and empowerment of the Holy Spirit’s ministry, and committed to the transformation of personal lives, families, churches, communities, and ultimately the nation and the world.

Empowerment Institute would produce and provide written, audio, and video resources, as well as conference speakers and life/ministry coaches to work with pastors, emerging congregational and regional prayer groups, and any other groups who shared our sense of Kingdom mission.
Ultimately, the goal of Empowerment Institute has been to ignite a passion for communities of believers living out the reality of the gospel in ways that give vital and unmistakable expression to biblical truth and the power of the Presence of God in living growing transformative outposts of His Kingdom.

None of this has changed...

           But all of it has changed!

Up to this point, Empowerment Institute has concentrated its effort almost exclusively within churches and para-church groups.  But our prayers and conversations along the way have begun to lead to a broader focus and a challenge to dial our efforts up a major notch or three.
The workplace is where most Americans spend the majority of their waking hours. It is where most of their relationships occur. Where most of their energy is expended. For Christians then, connecting faith and work would seem to be of significant importance. Yet nearly two out of three Christian adults in the US cannot recall having heard any teaching on faith and work or career within the past three years. Sixty percent of practicing Christians say they have no clear sense of God's calling on their lives, and 84 percent of Christians between 18 and 29 years old have little or no idea how the bible and their faith is supposed to apply to their field of professional interest.

Yet there is a growing discontent with these facts.  A growing sense that there must be more.  75% said they were looking for ways to “live a more meaningful life”.  And 56% claimed that they wanted to make a more real difference in the world.

But how?  And where?  The vast majority will never hold a full-time “ministry” position within a local church or faith based organization.  The best churches and organizations admit that 80 percent of their work, including volunteers, is carried out by twenty percent of their membership.  The rest fall through the cracks of approaches that try to draw them into programs that are essentially add-ons to already busy and fragmented lives.  And they find that they have no practical faith compass for meaningful engagement and influence in the arenas where they spend most of their time. 

A pastor from India was visiting our city a year ago and was stunned to learn that there are more churches than bars or restaurants.  In some neighborhoods, one every other block.  He was quiet for a few moments, then turned and said, “With an army like that, I could change the world.”

We have an army like that, in cities all across North America.  And we can mobilize to change the world.
There are seven key arenas whose influence shapes the heart and mind of culture.  The church, or faith community is definitely one, but six others have played and continue to play pivotal roles as mind molders.  Family, Education, Business, Government, Media, and Arts/Entertainment.  Each of these seven key arenas, or cultural mountains, already has Christians involved.  The critical question is will they be the influencers or will they simply be shaped by the predominant trends already in play?

What will the influence of biblical truth and compassionate Christian engagement look like as believers rise to the task of bringing a distinctive Kingdom presence to each of these mountains?  What sort of real-world best practices will come into use in each unique context?  What will happen when the Presence of God is released in transforming power in offices and factories, hospitals and schools, laboratories and theaters, on television and the internet? What sort of innovations might develop when the creative power of God invades every sphere of human endeavor, bathed in prayer and truth and practical servant leadership?

These are the kinds of questions we want to tackle…with you!

We’re not building a ministry.  We’re building an alliance.  A Seven Mountain Alliance, where people from every sphere of influence can share strategies, action plans, best practices, and prayer support.

We will be reaching out with printed materials, training and conference speakers, conference calls and podcasts, and online roundtables and seminars.  We will help connect you with others who are currently working to bring the Kingdom’s influence in your particular arena, whatever it may be.  And we will offer affordable and accessible individual and group coaching to help you maximize your impact in your area of influence.

OK.  Back to the first question in this email.  What would you say if we told you that you could begin to significantly increase your personal impact for the Kingdom of God right where you are, right now? 

As a good friend of ours often says, “If you know where you want to go, but aren’t sure how to get there, turn on your GPS. “  If this email has resonated with you, we want to invite you to join us.  To turn on your personal GPS.  It involves three things
First, GIVE.  Make the personal commitment to support this undertaking.  Not because this is the only thing you can do, but because it is the first and most basic thing you can do.  Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. 

Second, PRAY.  Pray for the success of Empowerment Institute and our partners.  Pray for others in your field of work.  Pray for those bringing biblical influence to each of the seven mountains.

Third, SERVE.  Get involved.  Contact us back and let us know you want to be a part of this.  Right where you are. 


Empowerment Institute and strategic partner OneRockStrategix are now positioned to bring the challenge of the Kingdom of God to the marketplace and the public square of America.  We have the opportunity to launch a weekly radio broadcast, beginning in the Twin Cities area and quickly expanding to several major national markets, as well as having our programming available on several internet venues, including national exposure via iHeart Radio.  Join us in this exciting opportunity to bring the influence of God's Kingdom to bear in the various public arenas that now mold the collective mind and heart of our nation.
Feel free to share this site with anyone you believe might be blessed in partnering with us!  Thank you.